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We offer four kitchen rental service packages for Personal Chefs, Caterers, Bakers, Chocolatiers, Meal Prep Producers and Distributors,   These packages include full use of facility, appliances, prep areas, equipment, furnishings, cold storage with no added or hidden fees.  We also offer other amenities such as mentoring, consulting, customer order pick-up areas, and onsite Pop-Up events.


In addition to the above, we offer Commercial Commissary packages for Food Trucks, Food Trailers, Concession, and Beverage Carts.   

Call to schedule a visit to tour our facility and determine which of our commercial commissary kitchen packages best suits your business needs. 

Kitchen Rental

The kitchen lease includes: 


  • Fully-equipped top-of-the-line commercial kitchens.

  • A secure, indoor location to store food and preparation material such as small and large appliances, spices, non-perishables, pots & pans.

  • 24-Hour Daily access.

  • Utilities are included in the monthly fees.

  • Separate 3-compartment sink, produce wash, and hand wash areas.

  • Commercial mail collection. 

  • Loading/Unloading area.

  • Fresh water filling and grey water dumping facilities.

  • Commercially approved Garbage and Grease dump areas.

Commissary Agreements

Although some food, ice cream, and beverage carts, trucks, or kiosks can be self-sufficient, City and State licensing and permits departments still require commissary agreements for those entities. We provide commissary agreements that meet these requirements. 

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